Who Is My Inner Wild Woman?

I would like to think that by engaging in this challenge I will have a clearer idea of who the inner wild woman is. When I asked the Medicine Woman Tarot to shed some light on who this inner wild woman is the Exemplar of Bowls spoke quite clearly.

The lesson of this card is that I have many teachings to pass on. It urges me to consider how to use my particular talents as a vehicle for the expression of the wisdom I have gained. This card tells me that it is time to settle back and integrate my experiences, to look back at the far distance I have come and to count my blessings.

The card also points out that my service to others is as natural as breathing and that the full thrust of my life now is to be directed towards my devotion to higher beings who have guided me over the past 70 years.

My bowls are indeed full with the treasures of Heaven and Earth and I will willingly continue to share these treasures.

The work of this challenge is to travel to the House of Baba Yaga, meet and be guided by her and complete the final leg of my life’s work by creating a beautiful wild garden in a new landscape.