8 comments on “Calling the Wild Mother

  1. Oh Heather this is such a wonderful and powerful drawing of L’Enchanteur! Stay where you are cos I’m coming over to call the Wild Mother in Baba’a Garden with you!!

  2. Oh Heather, this is too delicious! A moment of wildness and power. Yes, let’s meet in the garden and dance and eat!

  3. Now Darling when you are calling “The Wild Mother” make sure you have a pair of secateurs in your hand ,nothing heals the heart more than a good trimming of plants that need some extra energy for there growth …………….
    Its love this Poem from 1st March 2001.

    Regeneration ( By Fran I think)
    Chop off the wilted bit
    when the cycle ends
    Cut it back
    The stump will heal sooner than you think.
    If you don’t pick at it.
    Let healthy new growth sprout and cover the scar
    Don’t regret and look back
    Leap foward in a new direction
    Snip weak tendrils out so the strongest can strengthen
    If you nuture with love
    They’ll blossom ,bear fruit.
    Harvest the fruit
    Take pride in its perfection
    Acknowledge your success
    Preserve some for winter
    Start a new growing cycle.

    However wrote this ,at the time for me I loved it
    It struck at a part of my heart to help it heal.

    Lois (Muse of the Sea) 1/10/07

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