3 comments on “Visiting the Isle of Ancestors

  1. My memories were stirred when I read of your meeting with your Dad and great grandmothers. Heather …I never did meet my Grandmothers or g/grandmothers ,but they must be inside us just the same and for this we are eternally greatfull…because this is where we gain much of our strength …be it either maternal or paternal…but I think that the further one is able to go back into the past it is the women who give us
    much more of ” What we are made of” This was a favourite saying of my Mother’s ..when ever I found something hard to do she would say….Come on you can do it ..show us what your made of……..meaning we thought it impossible she thought it possible…….
    Our Dad’s were different …perhaps straight to the point ..either a yes or a no …not that they were unkind…just their way of expressing or making a point………I did notice that when they became grandfathers they were more patient and spent much more time with the young ones than they spent with us…….
    I think visiting the Isle of the Ancestors was one of my most memorable journies for it was there I met friends long gone from this world and it was good to catch up again….the memories were so vivid.

    Lois (Muse of the Sea) 4th Sept.07

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